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Personal genealogy researches
The data presented here and in the following pages are the compilation of fragments of trees gleaned here and in the family, of what the memory of my close relations reported me, notably of Mom who has a fantastic memory full of anecdotes, and of researches which I made during years. Today even, although lacking time, I do not miss second-hand to enrich individuals' catalog.
First of all, let me thank and congratulate the members of Union des Cercles Généalogiques Lorrains who made, village by village, the analysis of nearly a million five hundred thousand birth, marriage and death certificates, mostly marriages, from the very beginning of archives (between the end of the XVIth and the end of the XVIIth centuries, depending on the villages) until approximatly year 1800 !
Browsing through these certificates which is possible by Minitel 3617 GENLOR, or at the Cercles or at the Archives Départementales, enabled me to follow up nearly all the branches of my ancestors, often through twelve generations, up to the beginning or the middle of XVIIth century. I must thank Armand HOUILLON, distinguished genealogist from Vosges, for his kindness and the help he provided me.
You can browse through the results of my researches about the genealogical history of my family.
They are at your disposal, especially all the BRUANT, the GUEURY, the CLAUDE, the DIDIERGEORGES, the CHARLIER, and all that are called after any of the 500 family names. The data base contains nearly 2000 people who lived from the XVIIth century to nowadays, mainly in Lorraine, Champagne-Ardennes and in Paris area.
The GEDCOM file is available for downloading bruant.zip (100 ko)
You can also have a look to my family tree and to the one of my ex-wife Joselyne CHARLIER.

Some genealogy sites
       Union des Cercles Généalogiques Lorrains : Une foule d'information sur la Lorraine, l'association et les membres.
       Liste mondiale de Patronymes : plus de 100 000 noms, 7 000 généalogistes.
       Annuaire Généalogique Internet : nombreux sujets de recherches.
       Généalogie d'Alsace et Lorraine : site passionnant avec des pages d'histoire de l'Alsace et de la Lorraine, l'index de tous les articles paris dans la revue de l'U.C.G.L, une foultitude de liens et une fantastique bibliographie. Ne pas manquer !
       Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet : Plus de 38000 liens, mais en anglais...

My genealogy software
I use a software named Arbre Généalogique from the company Personal Soft. It runs with Windows, is very cheep, and, even if there are some misses, it is good enough to help me manage correctly 2400 people I already registered.

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